Charter Services

Dwellingup Adventures are licensed Passenger Transport Vehicle operators and have 2 licensed vehicles for charter services.

Our 21 passenger seat Toyota Coaster fitted with seat belts is available for both sealed and 2 wheel drive gravel road charter. For 4×4 access to parts of the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi trail our 4 passenger Ford Ranger charter vehicle is used. Charter costs are the same for both vehicles. Ask Dwellingup Adventures for a quote for other locations.

Lane Poole Reserve day entry fees now apply. Entry fees are not included in any tour or equipment hire costs.

Handy Bibbulmun Track Distance Guide

Bus (21 passenger seats) and 4×4 (4 passenger seats) charter useful distance guide. All quotes are based on a vehicle round trip from and return to Dwellingup.

Minimum quote: $85.00
$1.50 per km for trips on all sealed road
$1.80 per km for trips on all or part gravel roads

Where possible all clients should walk back to Dwellingup. Distances below are track walking distances back to Dwellingup.

Ute driving across low lying bridge
Waypoints Dwellingup Adventures Bus Charter pulling canoes

Get in touch with us to organise a charter transport to your destination. Call 9538 1127.

Walking North back to Dwellingup

River Road vehicle access, 2.9km $85.00
Nanga Road vehicle access, 6km $85.00
River Road vehicle access, 7.8km $85.00
Swamp Oak Campsite, 13.1km No direct vehicle access
River Road (600m to Swamp Oak Campsite) $85.00
Yarragil Form vehicle access, 20.7km $93.00
Murray Campsite vehicle access, 31.6km $140.00 (4×4 access only)
Driver Road/Murray River vehicle access, 45.9km $190.00 (low water crossing only, below 1.6m)
Dwellingup Adventures charter 4WD

Walking South West back to Dwellingup

Ingelhope Road vehicle access, 10.9km $85.00
Chadora location track vehicle access, 18.4km $128.00
Chadora Campsite, 20.4km No direct vehicle access
Pindalup Road vehicle access, 25.4km $190.00
Mt Wells Campsite, 35.3km No direct vehicle access
White Horse Campsite, 49.8km No direct vehicle access
Albany Hwy North Bannister vehicle access, 65.2km $236.00
Gringer Creek Campsite, 67.4km No direct vehicle access
Albany Hwy Sullivan Rock picnic area, 105km $326.00

note: Vehicle access between Pindalup Road and North Bannister is poor and continually disrupted by mining, track closures and die back restrictions. We can offer no services between these points. Passenger entry fees apply when entering Lane Poole Reserve by charter vehicle.

Bus transfer

Handy Local Sites Guide

Yarragil campsite $85.00
Nanga Bridge $85.00
Island Pool $85.00
Scarp Pool $85.00
Baden Powell Water Spout $85.00
Nanga Mill/Icy Creek gates $85.00
Stringers $85.00
Dawn Creek Road/Nanga Road junction $85.00
North Form Junction canoe launch site near Dawn Creek, 4×4 only $105.00
King Jarrah Form/South Junction Form junction, 4×4 only $93.00
Munda Biddi Trail/Nanga Road junction near Zig Zag Road $110.00
Driver Road/Nanga Road junction $125.00
Willowdale Arboretum (Munda Biddi drop off point) $132.00
Collie Soldiers Park Munda Biddi Trail $370.00
Pinjarra Railway Station $85.00
Mandurah Railway Station $145.00
Jarradale Townsite shop $178.00
Lake Brockman Caravan Park $196.00
Bidjar Ngoulin Shelter, 4×4 only (access to gate approx. 1km to hut) $96.00


Ute driving through Dwellingup

Get in touch with us to book our charter services for your group, call 9538 1127.