School and Group Services


We offer a range of hire products and Do-It-Yourself activities that may assist in supporting your camp planning and needs. Our services do not include any field staff or instructors.

Dwellingup Adventures reserve the right to quote all hires based upon group needs. All quotes include GST.

Fees apply for any canoe, raft or bikes that need to be delivered to site, or collect from our yard.

Trailer hire fee may apply depending on equipment hired.

Equipment hire cost applicable to school’s/youth groups only.

This is a guide only. Dwellingup Adventures will provide formal quote when requested.

Lane Poole Reserve Day Entry Fees Apply If you are planning on entering the reserve, day entry fees are applicable. School groups visiting the reserve for curriculum-related activities can apply for waivers as can community-based groups that meet the eligibility criteria.  Find out more by visiting Fee waivers | Explore Parks WA (


The Murray River provides many kilometres of navigable water for short introductory experiences or extended canoe trips. Seasonal river conditions may apply.

Canoe hire per day, $45.00 per 2-person canoe and 1 person kayak, $50.00 per 3 person canoe,

Water sport helmets $5.00 each if required.

Canoe trailer hire from $20.00

Canoes complete with paddles and PFDs.


During periods of increased flow, the Murray River provides short sections that make an ideal introduction to white water rafting with some grade 1 and 2 rapids. Can be used for expedition style programmes. Seasonal river conditions may apply. Suitable to be taken into white water areas with client determining level of guide qualifications.

Raft hire $50.00 per day

Each raft comes complete with 2 paddles, 2 PFDs and 2 water sport helmets.

Dual axle raft trailer hire $50.00 per day.

Thermal sets $30.00 per day. Includes wet suit, thermal top, booties and spray top.


Even at lower levels the Murray River provides deep pools ideal for fun water games in the warmer weather.

Raft hire $35.00 per day

Each raft comes complete with 2 paddles, 2 PFDs.

Water sport helmets $5.00 each if required.

Single axle raft trailer hire $20.00 per day.


Even at lower levels the Murray River provides deep pools ideal for fun water games in the warmer weather and a stable platform for younger students and those nervous about water. Each big raft takes up to 12 max junior school students.

Raft hire $150.00 per day

Each raft comes complete with 8 paddles and 8 PFDs. Extra PFDs available at $5.00 each.

Water sport helmets $5.00 each if required.

Dual axle raft trailer hire $50.00 per day.


Extensive mountain bike networks surround Dwellingup providing many options for school and group requirements. Parts of the Munda Biddi Trail can be ridden for day and overnight expeditions. The Town Trails incuding Marrinup are available with a departure point from our yard.

Bike hire $40.00 per day.

Helmets and water bottle cage with each bike.

Dual axle MTB trailer hire $50.00 per day, carries up to 25 MTBs.

Hi-Viz vests, tool kits and 2-way radios available for hire.


Dwellingup Adventures have a number of DIY activities. Each activity includes all material, activity explanation, delivery and collection from site if required.

DIY activities are $150.00 per day or $120.00 per half day.

Some DIY activities may not be available depending on your camping location.

Activities may include additional delivery fees.

 – ORIENTEERING/QUEST ‘GUIDE ME HOME’ – lower school only – Choose 1 or 2 hour option.

Participants follow the trail using a map and compass. The task is to locate all the lost animals and stamp them on your landscape in their preferred home environment. Maps, compasses, stamps, clues, landscape all provided. Suitable for lower school. Nanga Bush Camp site only.

An activity set up cost of $50.00 is applicable.

RAFT BUILDallow 1.5 hours.

Students are supplied with barrels, poles, ropes and paddles. They must construct a raft and ‘rescue’ a stranded mariner. 12 buoyancy vests are supplied with each set. Extra buoyancy vests available at $5.00 each if required.

2 raft sets available. Each set suitable for up to 12 persons.

Delivery fees apply or collect gear on dual axle trailer, $50.00 per day.

ROGAINING  – upper school only

Students locate each station using a map and compass and punch the score card. Variations include scoring points for various stations located and setting time limits. Activity includes facilitator instructions, compasses, and maps. The stations are set by Dwellingup Adventures each with a flag and a punch.

Two-way radios available for hire at $5.00 each per day

An activity set up cost of $50.00 is applicable to the course located around Nanga Bush Camp, Camp Kelly and Baden Powell area. Set-up fee $80.00 for the Nanga Mill course.


Students must assemble the pipe structure and then fill it with water and release the ping pong ball noting that some of the pipes have holes that need to be covered. The activity set includes facilitator notes, pipeometer plans, pipes, buckets and measuring tapes.

2 sets available. Recommend 1 set per 12 persons. 


A series of rotating activities where each team completes a number of simple skill activities with a giant theme. Points are awarded as each team moves around the game circuit. The activity set includes facilitator notes and four giant games.


Get in touch with us to organise activities for your school or corporate group, call 9538 1127.